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As Believers, Christ IS Our Culture

What does it look like when the Lord Jesus Christ governs the devices we use and the money we earn and the clothes we wear? Continue reading

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The Cross of Jesus Christ

Branding. It’s a big deal. Experts will diligently work to brand you or your organization according to “the way you want folks to perceive you.” Hopefully, the way you want folks to perceive you is the way in which you should … Continue reading

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Tebow, First Baptist Dallas, and Christianity in America

I like Tim Tebow. The young man has displayed a ton of integrity over the course of his public life, first as QB of the Florida Gators (who I despise), and then as an NFL QB with the Denver Broncos … Continue reading

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Go Ahead and Discriminate

The channel change was clumsily yet effectively executed. I ran down the hallway and leapt onto the couch. My right hand snagged the remote from off the end table. My left arm supported me as I rolled onto the floor … Continue reading

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Strategy for Christmas

The United States is Christmas crazy. I mean that literally. You have heard the Christmas carol Twelve Days of Christmas, but the actual statistics state that the official Christmas season is five weeks long! Retailers depend on Christmas sales to … Continue reading

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Travis’ Bracket

March Madness begins today! Click here to view my bracket (it may not be viewable until the games start). Because of IU’s basketball-downturn the tournament has been bittersweet for me the past few years, but I still enjoy the madness. … Continue reading

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