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As Believers, Christ IS Our Culture

What does it look like when the Lord Jesus Christ governs the devices we use and the money we earn and the clothes we wear? Continue reading

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Rage Against the Machine

Originally posted on hipandthigh:
My wife and I are true, cultural subversives. Counter-culture to the core. We homeschool our children. I remember one time standing around with our neighbors outside on a Saturday afternoon when we were young parents still…

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What Voddie Said (and Didn’t)

Sensible, biblical thoughts that are well written concerning Ferguson, race, the comments of Voddie Bauchaum and how others responded.

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Tebow, First Baptist Dallas, and Christianity in America

I like Tim Tebow. The young man has displayed a ton of integrity over the course of his public life, first as QB of the Florida Gators (who I despise), and then as an NFL QB with the Denver Broncos … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Upcoming Election

I have not posted on this blog since January. Please, stop your applause now, because my plan is to resume posting, on a somewhat regular basis. This is the inaugural post of the Coffee House’s re-launch, and to ensure that … Continue reading

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Strategy for Christmas

The United States is Christmas crazy. I mean that literally. You have heard the Christmas carol Twelve Days of Christmas, but the actual statistics state that the official Christmas season is five weeks long! Retailers depend on Christmas sales to … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck, Social Justice, and Your Church

If you pay any attention to the news, you are well aware of Glenn Beck’s comments concerning social or economic justice and the local church. If you haven’t been paying attention, or in case you just want to read it … Continue reading

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Are Divorce Celebrations a Good Thing?

Should divorce be celebrated? Some people think that it should. Los Angeles entrepreneur Christine Gallagher has established a business, “The Divorce Party Planner”, and written a book of the same name, to meet the growing demand for post-divorce celebrations. This … Continue reading

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Political cartoonist Gary Varvel is no stranger to this blog; at least his cartoons are no stranger here. Not long ago Varvel started to run a series in the Indianapolis Star called “Caption This.” He draws a cartoon with an … Continue reading

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My Reasons for Not Supporting Obama

Have nothing to do with these “facts”: That he is a closet Muslim That he refuses to Pledge Allegiance to the flag That he was educated at a radical Wahabbist madrassa That he took the oath of office on a … Continue reading

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