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Happily married. Blessed to raise three young men. Associate pastor of Rodgers Baptist Church.

Right Obedience = Genuine Happiness

In studying Mark 12:1-12 and the Parable of the Vineyard (some might also call it the Parable of the Tenants) I did what I normally do when studying a particular passage and read what Spurgeon preached. On March 6, 1887 … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ – Our Consolation

Pastor David Stone of Lakeway Baptist Church in Humble, TX writes a daily devotional as well as a personal blog. Both may be found at the church website to which I have linked. The devotional – Morning Manna – is sometimes culled … Continue reading

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Gospel Transformation

Only the gospel truth is able bring about a gospel transformation. By believing the gospel an individual is saved. John 1:11-12: “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He … Continue reading

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Lord, Revive Us!

Spurgeon prayed, preached, and called for his church to seek God for revival. Here is one example. A sermon delivered on November 9th, 1859, at New Park Street Chapel entitled “One Antidote for Many Ills.” The sermon text was Psalm 80:19 … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ was Dead, BUT Now He is ALIVE!

Jesus Christ was dead. He had, in fact, been murdered. Betrayed by one of His close associates and brought before the rulers of His day, He should have received a fair trial and justice according to the law and customs … Continue reading

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Being Faith-focused and Cross-centered

We are creatures of habit, and our habits reflect our true selves because we all build our daily lives around our priorities and passions. We make time for what we truly value, building habits and routines around the things that … Continue reading

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The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ!

“…The precious blood of Christ,” 1 Peter 1:19 Standing at the foot of the cross, we see hands and feet and side all distilling crimson streams of “precious blood.” It is “precious” because of its redeeming and atoning efficacy. Only … Continue reading

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Go First to the Cross

One of my favorite books is the classic Pilgrim’s Progress written by the Puritan John Bunyan. I’ve read the book more than once. I have read it to my children, and had them read it for themselves. References from the … Continue reading

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Walking by Faith

“Life is a highway. I’m gonna ride it all night long.” That is the chorus to a popular song from the early ‘90s. The song had it partially right. Life is a highway. Since it is, we will “ride it” … Continue reading

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The Cross of Christ

Branding. It’s a big deal. Experts will diligently work to brand you or your organization according to “the way you want folks to perceive you.” Hopefully, the way you want folks to perceive you is the way in which you should … Continue reading

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