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Beware of Bias

The history of God’s people is littered with examples of people who proved that God’s grace is sufficient to enable us to endure and enjoy to the end. Build upon the line of faith set before you. Continue reading

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Good Habits for Daily Living

We are creatures of habit, and our habits reflect our true selves because we all build our daily lives around our priorities and passions. We make time for what we truly value, building habits and routines around the things that … Continue reading

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New Study Beginning at Rodgers Baptist Church

In August of 2006 my family vacationed on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC. During the middle of that week we visited nearby downtown Savannah, GA; an interesting place that is perfect for a walking tour because of the many city squares and … Continue reading

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Walking by Faith

“Life is a highway. I’m gonna ride it all night long.” That is the chorus to a popular song from the early ‘90s. The song had it partially right. Life is a highway. Since it is, we will “ride it” … Continue reading

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What Voddie Said (and Didn’t)

Sensible, biblical thoughts that are well written concerning Ferguson, race, the comments of Voddie Bauchaum and how others responded.

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The End of the Matter at the Start of the Year

Ecclesiastes is a very modern book in the sense of speaking to the dilemmas and frustrations that strike us as so contemporary to our own experience while providing very practical and pastoral answers to those dilemmas. The thesis of the … Continue reading

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The Contagion

Attitudes are contagious. Have you ever noticed what happens to a group of people when one person, by just his expression or body language, reveals a negative attitude? Or have you noticed the lift you receive when a friend’s facial … Continue reading

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Victorious Transitions

God had powerfully emancipated Israel from Egyptian slavery. From the Ten Plagues, to the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of the pursuing army in it, to the miraculous provision of water and manna, God had freed, protected, … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

The book of Joshua records the nation of Israel’s conquest and occupation of Canaan. This book is not allegorical. It is historical fact. We are not studying Joshua just to learn some interesting and violent historical facts. The nascent nation’s … Continue reading

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Be Strong and Very Courageous!

“War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” That is what Edwin Starr thought and sang in the early 70’s, and that is what some folks think when it comes to Joshua; the sixth book of the Bible. … Continue reading

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