Blogs and Web Magazines – The President of Southern Seminary. Solid Biblical cultural commentary here.

The American Conservative – according to them “a new voice for a new generation of conservatives.” I guess that means they’ll be constantly changing…er…the word is “evolving” now…or they’ll be out of business in a generation. Either way, I visit here often, especially to read Rod Dreher.

The Federalist – a web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion.

The Weekly Standard – an American neoconservative opinion magazine

Tim Challies – he has been “informing the reforming” since the beginning of blogging.

Exception Noted – the blog of my good friend and fellow pastor David Pitman.

Follow the Light – Pastor Larry Jones writes here

Patrick Briney, Ph.D – This is where Dr. Briney posts “Encouraging words for standing on the promises of God.”

Bilingual Devotional – veteran missionary Greg Smith writes here

Early Morning Thought – a devotional blog written by Greg Smith. Scroll down for English!

Religious Affections Ministries – For the most part, I go here to read Kevin Bauder and Scott Aniol.

Mortification of Spin – An Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals platform which highlights the commentary of Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd. I mainly go here to read Carl Trueman, but do enjoy Pruitt and Byrd as well. This trio is an acquired taste.

Trevin Wax – Insightful and well written blog with the Gospel clearly in focus.

What is Truth – “Opinion based on the Bible” – says Kent Brandenburg, an Independent-Fundamentalist-Baptist who is worth reading.


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