New Study Beginning at Rodgers Baptist Church


In August of 2006 my family vacationed on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC. During the middle of that week we visited nearby downtown Savannah, GA; an interesting place that is perfect for a walking tour because of the many city squares and the beautiful architecture found throughout the city. I loved the unique historical stories of Savannah. I loved walking the city streets and enjoying the sights. My boys and their nieces and nephew, on the other hand, were bored stiff and hated every minute of our day trip. They did not care for architecture. They were not impressed with the city squares. They most definitely did not like walking around in the hot Georgia sun on an August afternoon, but they were good sports (for awhile) as these pictures attest:

Savannah 06 - 1

Savannah 06 - 2

“Let’s get out of here, dad, and get back to some real fun!” Is what we heard most of the afternoon, and this is what they meant…

Savannah 06 - 3

Many folks feel about the Bible the way my – at the time – young boys felt about Savannah. It does not seem real to them, and they are not interested. They think they are in a religious museum, looking at ancient artifacts that have no meaning for life in today’s modern and scientific world, but that assessment is inaccurate. No book is more relevant and meaningful for our lives than the Bible. Scripture is not and will never be out of date or out of touch.

The two Thessalonian letters were originally penned in the mid first century, but their message is just as true, just as important, and just as relevant in 2016 as it was nearly two thousand years ago. These letters were written by a real man to real people who constituted a real church which was experiencing real problems as the ministered in the real world which was real unfriendly to their Christian faith. Every believer and every church can easily identify with these people because we live in a similar world and face many of the same problems. That will become evident as we make our way through these books together.

Beginning Sunday, February 21 and continuing through Sunday, May 15 we will spend time in Thessalonica, studying 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Pastor David Stone of Lakeway Baptist Church in Humble, TX authored these studies, and we are thankful for his fruitful writing and preaching ministry. Click here to download these lessons in a PDF. A link to a PDF of the lessons may also be found, along with other Sunday school studies, under the “Resources” tab of the Rodgers Baptist Church website. We encourage you to download the lessons, or utilize the booklet that will be made available in every class and read through the lesson, reading all the cited scriptures, prior to the study.

Our Sunday school ministry will bless you and your family, and it is certainly not just for children. There is a small group for everyone, and our Sunday school classes are the best way to get connected to others at Rodgers Baptist Church; even if that connection begins at 9:15 am. (Don’t  worry. We have plenty of coffee and donuts too.)

We hope to see you on Sunday in Sunday school. It’s worth it!


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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  1. job joseph says:

    I really blessed with your study lesson

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