Muslim Resistance to the Gospel

Last month Dr. Albert Mohler posted on the topic of Muslim resistance to the Gospel. He quoted J. Herbert Kane of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School who, thirty years ago, outlined six reasons for the difficulty of reaching Muslims. Those six reasons are:

  1. Islam is Younger than Christianity
  2. Islam Denies the Deity and the Death of Christ
  3. Islam’s Treatment of Defectors
  4. The Solidarity of Muslim Society
  5. The Public Practice of Religion
  6. The Memory of the Crusades

Dr. Mohler ends his post by stating:

Professor Kane’s breakdown of these obstacles is not only interesting and helpful, it also serves as a reminder that these issues are hardly new. At the same time, Christians must evangelize, no matter the obstacles to Christian witness…Christians must remember that the Holy Spirit can break down the greatest wall of resistance and the Word of God is, as He says, like a hammer that shatters a rock. Dr. Kane’s arguments help us to understand the challenge, but were not meant to suppress evangelism. To the contrary, he wanted the church to be better informed as we fulfill the command of Christ.

You may read the entire post here, and I encourage you to do so. I have also posted a series on Islam and Christianity. Those posts are found here.


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