Saturday Morning Commentary

Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” during the President’s address on health care reform to the joint houses of Congress. I agree this is a serious matter, on many levels, but Nancy Pelosi’s look of surprise and outrage was simply hilarious. His outburst was inappropriate, but I wholeheartedly agree with his position. Here are a couple of opinion pieces about that issue:
You may be sick of hearing about the health care debate. I understand, but I also understand that this is important. We need to be paying attention. Here are two articles which are well worth your time.
Finally, I rather enjoyed this op/ed piece from David Brooks. In it he deals with the recent public outbursts of Kanye West, Serena Williams, and Rep. Joe Wilson. It’s a thoughtful column.

I encourage you to not only read the above but to post your thoughts as well, and I’m curious as to anything that you’ve read this week.


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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