Saturday Morning Cartoons

My oldest son is 14 and an eigth grader. Which means that while I find this cartoon funny; it’s also painful.

Will the the swine flu be a pandemic? Will we see a higher than average number of death this flu season? I have no clue, and I’m also fairly certain than no one else does either.


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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One Response to Saturday Morning Cartoons

  1. Karabeth says:

    Scary! The only one we have left to "help" put through college is our own 14-year-old, but the thought that his college tuition will cost more than our first home did is nauseating.Maybe if things get too bad we can sell the current house and move back in with our own parents. On second thought, maybe I'll try to put more UPromise dollars into our account. :0

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