Ms. Lagondino has Second Child

Tracy Lagondino, a woman who has surgically and hormonally altered her appearance to look like a man and who has been legally recognized as such, is once again in the news. She has given birth to a second child, an as yet unnamed baby boy. This comes just little over a year after she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Susan Juliette. According to the news report linked above Ms. Lagondino said:

We are a man, woman and child. It’s ironic that we are so different but yet, we’re just a family, just the same as anyone else.

In fact, they are a woman, woman, and now children – boy and girl – and they are unlike everyone else.

Last year I blogged about this issue. I encourage you to read the posts again, or perhaps for the first time. Here are the links:

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