Reality Check

I enjoyed the inauguration. Inaugurations should be enjoyed; even if the candidate for which you voted is on the sideline rather than the one with an upraised hand swearing an Oath to the American people and the US Constitution. I’ve repeatedly stated that I have serious reasons for voting against Obama; nevertheless, he is now my President and I enjoyed yesterday’s historic oath.

I do have a correction to make from yesterday’s post, however. I said that 43 men before Obama had taken the Oath of office, but that is inaccurate. Obama is indeed the 44th President of the United States, but he is the 43rd man to take the Oath. If you’re wondering how the answer is Grover Cleveland. He was twice elected President but not to successive terms.

Now that that is out of the way, and that the inaugural day festivities are finished, our new President has a lot of work to do. Some people may have been surprised to wake up this morning and realize that they still have bills to pay, our troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the financial markets have plunged rather than surged.

You wanted this job, Mr. President. Now it’s time to get to work!


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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6 Responses to Reality Check

  1. Luis Delgado says:

    THE UNCERTAIN FUTURE FOR OBAMA For many people the day January 20, 2009, date on which Mr. Barack Obama assumes the presidency of the United States, becomes an historic day. It is the first time an African-American becomes the leader of one of the most powerful nation in the world. A crowd of people were present to see Mr. Obama assume the presidency, perhaps motivated by seeing the man who fed hopes of a nation immersed in a strong moral and economic depression. Pastor Rick Warren began the ceremony with a prayer that really leave much to be desired. But with more gold inspiracion who was an elderly friend Reverend Luther King and who won the embrace of the president. The new president’s speech was very realistic but little motivator, something overshadowed by the cold of minus 6 degrees and the nuance that Hollywood was given to the act. However, it was clear to see there faces as well as cheerful and enthusiastic, also faces serious surrounding the president Obama. One such face is that of former president George Bush, representing the major groups in power, and that will be closely watching Obama’s intentions. Another of the faces in the government of Israel, who is not looking to grace a descendant of the Muslim as president. Other faces are the rulers of Arab nations, which do not look at Obama as an ally for them. As finishing touch, faces no shortage of traditional segregationist groups, who are offended to hear that the same God in the eyes of whites and blacks. Undoubtedly, the president Barack Obama is sitting in a chair where the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. I hope that the Christian churches in the United Esrtados not cease to pray for their president for the American people and themselves.

  2. Philip says:

    I think I prefer that he NOT get to work. That’s really become a huge problem in our country–we want the president (and Congress . . . and the almighty justices) to start fixing everything for us. No wonder people fully expect Obama to pay off their mortgages (or force rich people to do it), unilaterally lower gas prices, provide complete health coverage and somehow lower ocean levels (the seas aren’t even rising anyway). We’ve spent the last 100 years telling them that’s what government is supposed to do.Obama sees an opportunity to put government to work as never before. You think the government is big and intrusive (and it is) now? Just wait–you haven’t see anything yet!What we really need is a government that does NOT get to work (or one that does far LESS work). Government’s only real mandate is national defense (both foreign and domestic–including a functional justice system). The American people should and can do the rest.Instead, we are about to lose what brakes we had as we slide down the road to socialism. The bigger our government, the smaller our freedom and will to excel.

  3. Travis says:

    Philip,I'm all for a small government; less is more, and I'd prefer our governments – state and federal – deal more with infrastructure, law & order, and national defense than healthcare, social services etc. That being said, the President still has work to do. He never has been a figure head, especially since the Jackson administration. Like it or not, that just isn't going to change. My problem is that the American people – and I'm specifically speaking about business leaders now – have failed this country even more than government. It would be naively inaccurate to blame all of our current issues on the government. In fact, that is what the DEMS do since the GOP had, until recently, controlled Congress since 1994 and the White House for the last eight years. Unmitigated greed and ineptitude are largely to blame for much of our current economic woes.

  4. Philip says:

    Let’s be absolutely clear about what has led to our current economic woes. It may be greed, but it’s not the faceless greed of the capitalist American people–it’s the greed of specific government officials like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.Two events, more than any others, led to the the sub-prime housing debacle: 1. Artificially low interest rates which encouraged new construction far exceeding demand. At fault: Alan Greenspan and the Fed.2. The Community Reinvestment Act which coerced banks to make bad loans to people who couldn’t repay them or risk costly litigation or worse. At fault: Democrats and their race-politicking cohorts.Take any economic problem and trace its source–you will not find average Americans; you will find corrupt bureaucrats.Unmitigated greed and ineptitude would not be a problem if the perpetrators were allowed to shoulder the natural consequences of their actions. The problem is that we suddenly have corporations that are “too big to fail,” as if such a thing were possible. And why is this? Government intervention. The solution? LET THEM FAIL in a free market.

  5. Travis says:

    Just so you understand, I’m not equating capitalism with greed. I am an unashamed capitalist. But you seem only able to blame DEM pushed legislation instead of also recognizing the pure, selfish greed of many American business executives.I’m not familiar with the Community Reinvestment Act, so I won’t comment except to say that it will take documented evidence (i.e. not talk show hyperbole) for me to believe that banks were forced to make loans they knew would fail. In isolated situations, maybe, but enough to cause an economic crisis?The facts are Philip, that the GOP has had the leadership of government and have squandered it. Mr. Bush has spent billions waging wars in two nations for almost his entire presidency! In the final few months he signed off an untold more billions to bail out business!! Those guys are supposed to be capitalists, not socialists, right? Shouldn’t a truly capitalistic society say “no” to bailouts? It appears that you agree with me on that, but the bailout blame doesn’t rest solely on the shoulder of Democrats. That’s where we disagree. I believe that the GOP has proven to be inept, and like big business it is in need of a bailout. Unlike big business, it needed to fail so that it may be rebuilt. (Of course, that what I think should have happened to big business as well.)

  6. Philip says:

    No, I do agree with you! Sure, I like to point out Democrat socialist programs because there are just so many. But Republicans certainly share much of the blame. Bush should not have pushed or signed any bailout. But that still doesn’t prove your premise that corporate greed is a bigger cause of the economic trouble than government intervention.

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