Inauguration Thoughts

The meteoric rise of Barack Obama has been nothing less than astounding. To think that five years ago the now President of the United States was an Illinois state senator is the political story of my generation. The fact that a black man has been sworn in as the President of the United States during the lifetimes of people who endured segregation is even more amazing and far more important. It was only 43 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood at the Lincoln Memorial and gave his “I Have a Dream” speech to an overflowing Washington Mall crowd. Today a black American stood on the opposite end of the Mall and repeated the oath that only 43 men in history have uttered. This inauguration, the 56th in our nation’s history, is a historical moment unlike any other in our nation’s history.

The inauguration of a new President is always a momentous occasion. Throughout history and in contemporary times transfers of power have often been violent, or at the very least, politically, socially, and economically disruptive. We may only thank God that has not been the case here. Since 1789 this nation has enjoyed one peaceful transition of Executive power after another. Since the end of WW II the office of President of the United States has been rightfully recognized as the most powerful position in the world, but there have been no attempts to retain power beyond the legal limit. There have been no attempted maneuverings around the Constitution or manipulations of the Constitution.

There is much about President Obama that I admire. There is much with which we are in complete disagreement. I did not vote for the President because we are too different on issues such as abortion and the definition of marriage. Nevertheless, he is my President; not just the President but my President. As such I will pray for him, and I hope the absolute best for him and his family. I pray that God will change his heart on abortion and marriage, but I also pray that he will have the wisdom and the strength to lead our nation out of its morass and onto higher ground. He is the 44th President of the United States. May God bless him and his family.


About Travis

Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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