That is the only way to describe the drubbing that my beloved Hoosiers received at the hands of the Ball State Cardinals. Yes, that is not a misprint: the Ball State Cardinals. Never before had the Cardinals beaten the Hoosiers. Tonight they not only beat IU, they embarassed them, and they did it in the Hoosiers’ house. The Hoosiers were dominated in this game, particularly in the second half. They were never able to stop the run; which makes you wonder what will happen next week against Michigan State and Javon Ringer who piled up over 200 rushing yards against the Irish today. The pass rush didn’t. Greg Middleton’s name was never called, and if the Ball State O-line is able to silence IU’s best pass rusher…well, it may be a long season.

Kellen Lewis played poorly. His physical abilities are always dazzling, and his scrambles accounted for much of IU’s rushing yardage. But he made too many poor decisions. His ridiculous pass into coverage as time expired in the first half gave Ball State a 28-20 lead. That was the beginning of the end for the Hooisers today.

Ball State is a good team. They may win the MAC championship this year, but IU should never be humbled by a MAC team in Bloomington.

I had high hopes for this team returning to a bowl game. Michigan and Ohio State are not on the schedule, and they started the season with four straight home games, with a bye before today’s debacle. IU needed to begin Big Ten play 3-0. Instead, they are 2-1 and vulnerable. If they continue to (not) play defense as they did today, and if Lewis continues to make poor decisions, then this team may not win four games.

I know the feeling.


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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5 Responses to U.G.L.Y.

  1. Kyla Randall says:

    I know how you feel, I was really disappointed when OSU got beat by USC. It pretty much blew their chances of another BCS championship game and they may not even get a Rose Bowl!

  2. Travis says:

    Kyla, I want to make sure that I have this straight. You’re a… #1) Yankees fan in baseball#2) Titans fan in football#3) Buckeyes fan in collegeIf the above is true then you are a bandwagon jockey! How does an Indiana girl cheer for a team from the Bronx, a team from Nashville (by way of Houston), and the hated OSU Buckeyes?! Where is your state loyalty?!I say all of this jokingly!(Kind of)

  3. Kyla Randall says:

    All you said is true except the bandwagon jockey part. Surely you have noticed that there are more bandwagon Colts fan than that of any other team?! You should read let it out, after their next loss. Exactly how I became a fan of all the teams outside the state is unknown? I guess I just heard about them more when I was growing up, and who couldn’t love the Titans after the Music City Miracle?

  4. Travis says:

    Maybe cheering for the Titans isn’t a bandwagon move, but rooting for the Yankees, unless you’re from NY, is the very definition of it! The same goes for OSU.

  5. Kyla Randall says:

    Just because the teams are popular or successful (most of the time) isn’t the reason I cheer for them. I cheer for the Yankees b/c I like Derek Jeter. I cheer for OSU b/c I like Jim Tressel and players like AJ Hawk, Troy Smith, Eddie George… etc. If you still think that’s the defintion of a bandwagon fan than I guess I am one.

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