The Difference Between Indianapolis and Cincinnati

What’s the major difference between the Indianapolis Colts organization and the Cincinnati Bengals?

Besides winning (Colts) and losing (Bengals).

Character is the difference. Ed Johnson used to be a defensive tackle for the Colts.
That was before he was arrested for possession of marijuana. The morning after his arrest Johnson was released by the Colts. Johnson has a checkered history. While at Penn State he was disciplined three times by JoPa. This includes being suspended for the entire 2005 season, for “alleged” sexual misconduct and confinement of another student against that person’s will. No charges were filed from the “alleged” incident. Johnson was also suspended for Penn State’s 2006 Outback Bowl game for violating unspecified team rules.

My point is that Johnson had character issues, but the Colts were willing to give him a chance. He was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2007, and he started every game for the Colts last year, including their sole post-season game. He also started in the Colt’s Sunday night season opener. Given his history of poor decision making the Colts made certain that Johnson knew that if team rules were broken he would be held accountable. In the words of Colts GM Bill Polian:

He was repeatedly told this during the offseason. Along with his teammates, he was reminded as recently as (Tuesday) of coach Dungy’s rules of behavior. Unfortunately, he chose to violate those rules. Given the circumstances surrounding Ed’s original employment with the Colts … we have no choice but to take this action.

I can’t imagine that position being taken by Mike “the Redeemer” Brown.

In his brief Bengal career WR Chris Henry has been arrested five times! Of course, he was only one of 10 Bengals arrested during a 14-month span. One local judge referred to Henry as a “one-man crime wave.”

Henry, like Johnson, had character issues coming out of West Virginia. This first round talent wasn’t selected until the third round because of his off-field problems. Unlike Ed Johnson, Henry was not and is not being held accountable for his actions. After releasing the WR following his fifth arrest, Mike Brown promptly re-signed him, against the wishes of head coach Marvin Lewis, to a two year contract. Upon resigning the one-man crime wave Mike Brown said:

I guess the world is divided up between redeemers and non-redeemers. I happen to be a redeemer. I think people can be made better and right. If that’s a fault, so be it.

Oh, that’s touching! Personally, I believe Henry was resigned because Chad Johnson, er…I mean, Chad Ocho Cinco has been injured and TJ WhoseYourMomma is not 100% either.

The Colts have team standards and hold their staff and players accountable to those standards. The Bengals have no standards, which of course means no accountability. That’s the difference between Indianapolis and Cincinnati.


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One Response to The Difference Between Indianapolis and Cincinnati

  1. Steve says:

    As much as I love the Bengals it’s hard to argue with this blog. It all comes down to a matter of principle.

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