Noonan’s Take on Senator Clinton

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, columnist Peggy Noonan has adroitly identified Senator Hillary Clinton. The Democratic presidential hopeful is a liar. This is not really new news. As Noonan says,

There’s no dodging now. You either understand the problem with her candidacy, or you don’t. You either understand who she is, or not. And if you don’t, after 16 years of watching Clintonian dramas, you probably never will.

Clinton’s preposterous accounts of dodging sniper fire while visiting the troops in Bosnia should be proof positive that this woman, she of the “vast right-wing conspiracies”, does not deserve to be President. Here again are Noonan’s comments:

That’s what the Bosnia story was about. Her fictions about dodging bullets on the tarmac — and we have to hope they were lies, because if they weren’t, if she thought what she was saying was true, we are in worse trouble than we thought — either confirmed what you already knew (she lies as a matter of strategy, or, as William Safire said in 1996, by nature) or revealed in an unforgettable way (videotape! Smiling girl in pigtails offering flowers!) what you feared (that she lies more than is humanly usual, even politically usual). (Emphasis mine)

Even more ridiculous than her lies are her comments explaining why she lied. (“Lie” is Clintonian for “misspoke”.) Her memory was confused, she said, because this campaign has left her sleep-deprived.

If the senator from New York is so sleep-deprived during the Presidential campaign, how will she be able to function as President?! Will she be able to take that 3am phone call, or will that just have to wait until a more reasonable hour?

This is not just about differing views on life, the economy, big government vs. small government, universal health care, etc. This is waaay more basic than all of that.

This is about telling the truth. The Clinton’s do not seem capable of consistently telling the truth. They seem quite comfortable offering up a lie whenever it seems advantageous. Yet they have only proven that it is never advantageous to lie!

How do you believe the stuff that comes from that woman’s (and her husband’s) mouth? They have proven, time and again, that they cannot be trusted. Mr. Clinton’s marital infidelity was just a physical expression of his vocal infidelity. Mrs. Clinton’s charge of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was not the mad ravings of an emotionally damaged wife. It was just Hillary being Hillary.

She lied.

I’ll tie off this post with one last quote from Noonan’s article. (BTW, if you want to watch the video that outed Senator Clinton, visit this blog’s VodPod.)

What struck me as the best commentary on the Bosnia story came from a poster called GI Joe who wrote in to a news blog: “Actually Mrs. Clinton was too modest. I was there and saw it all. When Mrs. Clinton got off the plane the tarmac came under mortar and machine gun fire. I was blown off my tank and exposed to enemy fire. Mrs. Clinton without regard to her own safety dragged me to safety, jumped on the tank and opened fire, killing 50 of the enemy.” Soon a suicide bomber appeared, but Mrs. Clinton stopped the guards from opening fire. “She talked to the man in his own language and got him [to] surrender. She found that he had suffered terribly as a result of policies of George Bush. She defused the bomb vest herself.” Then she turned to his wounds. “She stopped my bleeding and saved my life. Chelsea donated the blood.”

Made me laugh. It was like the voice of the people answering back. This guy knows that what Mrs. Clinton said is sort of crazy. He seems to know her reputation for untruths. He seemed to be saying, “I get it.”

I hope everyone “gets it”, and I hope that the “Clintonian dramas” will end in August at the Pepsi Center in Denver.


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2 Responses to Noonan’s Take on Senator Clinton

  1. Fresh Dirt says:

    People today forget that there is a camera everywhere!

  2. Travis says:

    There is a camera everywhere, an audio recorder, and just about everything one has said or done is recorded; at least if someone is high profile. David Knowles from the Political Machine lists and provides links which demonstrate “Clinton’s Costly Error” in painting herself as the experienced and most-ready candidate.

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