Is the Crucifixion too Much for Kids to Handle?

Publishing house FirstLook believe so. Writing to a church which had used their curriculum the publisher stated:

Easter is a special time in churches. It’s a time of celebration and thankfulness. But because of the graphic nature of the Easter story and the crucifixion specifically, we need to be careful as we choose what we tell preschoolers about Easter.

I recommend that you read Russell Moore’s blog-post on this issue – Silly Rabbit, Easter’s Not for Kids.

All I will say is that one cannot and must not delete the crucifixion from the Gospel; no matter who (or how old) the audience is. If there is no Crucifixion and Resurrection, there is no Gospel.


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3 Responses to Is the Crucifixion too Much for Kids to Handle?

  1. Josh Gelatt says:

    Simply outrageous! Jesus says “Let the little children come”.I can say with confidence that none of this publishing companies products will ever be used where I pastor.Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Travis says:

    Outrageous is right. Imagine the gospel with an “alternate” ending such as this publisher has provided. First Look needs to take another look at what they are doing.

  3. TRAVIS says:

    Its for reasons such as this, that nobody takes Christians serious anymore. The fire and the tenacity of Christianity is losing its power in the name of pleasing people. Look at the early Christians who were stoned (with rocks, not drugs), beaten, and persecuted for what they believe. Jesus himself spoke to what people needed to believe not what they wanted to believe or hear. Its LAME that Christians themselves, knowing the urgency of the times and and need for real Truth skate around the facts, and miss an opportunity to plant seeds into young peoples lives. The gospel is too horrific for anyone, but yet it is a necessary horror. One that Christians need to embrace daily, not just one Sunday in March.Plus, this guy has to have the second best name in the world.

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