Political cartoonist Gary Varvel is no stranger to this blog; at least his cartoons are no stranger here. Not long ago Varvel started to run a series in the Indianapolis Star called “Caption This.” He draws a cartoon with an empty text bubble. Readers submit suitable options, and Varvel selects the winner, along with the runners up. This past week’ cartoon and winner, as well as the other finalists, were absolutely hilarious.

On March 8 this cartoon was published and in need of a caption:
I thought this was a nice take on the “3am” commercial that the Clinton campaign employed in the battle for Texas (which didn’t help her win that state after all).

Here is the winning caption.
The winner was Dave Zimmer from Ft. Wayne, IN. Here are the just as good runners-up:

  • Jacquie Meisenhelder, Indianapolis – “It’s 3am. Do you know where your husband is?”
  • Anna Rohrer, Fishers, IN – “Sorry. Wrong number. I meant to call President Obama.”
  • Jay Lynn, Indianapolis – “Hillary? Silda Spitzer here. May I borrow your copy of “Stand By Your Man?”

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