Straight from a Country Song

The last couple of weeks my life has seemed like perfect fodder for a country song. That’s never good (a country song or a life like one). As my previous post, which is two weeks old, indicated Dianna and I had an absolutely marvelous time in Southlake, TX. The country song life started on the flight back.

First, I began to feel awful while several thousand feet in the air somewhere between DFW and Indianapolis. I knew that I was coming down with something, most likely the flu. By the time we landed my body ached, my head hurt, and i just wanted to hit the rack.

I could not.
Dianna had to be home because she was scheduled to work. I had to meet my folks and pick up our boys, and I had to pick up my dog Ezekiel from a dear lady in our church who was dog-sitting for us. By the time all of this running was finished the evening was old, and I was miserable.

Tuesday morning my fears were confirmed. I had the flu. I tried to work, but that did not last. My sweet wife came in to relieve me, even though she had worked the night before, and would have to work this evening as well. I spent the entire day in bed.
That night the temperature hovered near single digits. I was still in a fog, and did not feel up to walking the dog. I let him out on his own.
He has hit by a car and killed.

Now I felt physically, emotionally, and psychologically miserable as I carried Zeke’s lifeless body back to the house, my three boys crying their eyes out. The next several days were difficult as we buried Zeke and came to grips with his absence. We were all attached to that miniature schnauzer.

On the heels of all that, as I began to recover from the flu, other issues occured in our little circle of life that expounded the country song like living. This is why I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. I haven’t even looked at the blog since my last post.

If you can put it to music, feel free to write a song and send it Nashville. You can keep all the royalties, just change the names to protect the innocent.

About Travis

Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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