The Bank was Open Late

The first game of a critical three game homestand was played while all of the junk concerning Kelvin Sampson’s rules violations and dishonesty swirled around the program. The team played a solid game, but it was not enough to earn a win and remain within a game of Big 10 leader – wait for it – Purdue.

My beloved Hoosiers were undone by a banked in three point shot from a post player as time expired. It proved to be a fitting end to a pathetically frustrating day. The game was entertaining, but that is of little consolation to me. I’ll take an ugly IU win over an entertaining IU loss any day.

Even had the Hoosiers proven victorious the bad taste of the day’s events would have been left inmy mouth. With the lone exception of the 2002 season this program has been a nightmare since Boston College defeated the Damon Bailey led 1994 squad.

Of course, Kelvin Sampson is denying that he intentionally deceived the NCAA, and he asserts that he never intentionally transgressed the rules. Which means he is either a bald face liar or an unintentional fool. I’m not sure which is worse.

Here are some links on the (most) recent flap at IU.

Indianapolis Star:


USA Today:

Couple these serious allegations with the recent retirement of the General Robert Montgomery Knight, and you just knew something like this was bound to be seen (and wished for by many in the IU community) –

Don’t hold your breath. I would bet that Coach Knight is enjoying this.

Can’t say the same for me.


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