Congratulations G-Men!

What a Super Bowl! Really the first three quarters were entertaining if you’re a football fan, which I am, but the fourth quarter was thrilling for even non-fans, which describes my wife. (I will say this, however, since we have moved to central Indiana Dianna has become a hardcore Colts fan. She watches the games and is interested in the final result. She never cared for the Bengals like this.)

I believed the Giants would be in the game, but I did not think they would win. The Patriots had proven during the course of the season that they could take their opponent’s best punch, shrug it off, and then deliver their own knock-out punch. I’ll also admit that I was rooting for the Giants with all my strength! Even though I loathe New York teams, I was pulling for the G-Men because I’m tired of the Patriots, and I wanted Eli to be vindicated.

The only thing that young man is guilty of is being the son of Archie and the little brother of Peyton, yet he has endured incessant criticism from the New York media and from former teammate Tiki Barber. (Are you still happy that you retired at the end of last season, Tiki?) To see Eli calmly and confidently lead his team 83 yards with less than two and half minutes in the game, knowing that he had to have a TD…well, it was sweet.

The Patriots had one of the greatest seasons in the NFL’s history, but their failure to close the deal ruins their record setting season. Patriot’s CB Asante Samuel said, “We conquered the regular season. We conquered the playoffs. What does it mean if you don’t win the Super Bowl? It doesn’t mean anything.” That’s a load of buffalo chips! Based on that logic the Indianapolis Colts are the dominant team of the past six seasons. They have the best over-all record during that span. But they are not the best team of the past six seasons. The Patriots are. Why? Because of the championships.

Congratulations New York Giants. You punched the biggest bully on the block in the face, and kept hammering him until he yielded. You are the champions, and you deserve the trophy. You also have earned the critics’ silence. Of course, that will only last until training camp.

Enjoy it while you can!


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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