Still Under Construction

In November of last year I published a post concerning IU’s basketball squad to this blog entitled “Under Construction”. As Saturday’s poor showing would indicate this team is still under construction. IU was out-played, out-hustled, and out-muscled on their home floor in front of a capacity crowd and a national audience. The Huskies were without two players, including a starting guard. One of the most telling stats from the game is this: the Huskies had a 34-16 scoring edge in the paint and a 44-28 advantage in rebounds. The final score of 68-63 is misleading. This game wasn’t close after halftime. The Hoosiers abysmal strength of schedule ranking – 159– was in evidence as the Big East battle tested Huskies slapped down the Hoosiers  in their own house. Scheduling the Longwood Lancers and teams of that caliber may help Sampson accrure an easy 20 win season, but it doesn’t help prepare the team for NCAA play; especially given the weakness of the Big Ten.

EJ and DJ have had fine seasons thus far, but that has been at the expense of inferior opponents. Both will be gone to the NBA next season, but neither, especially Gordon, has been consistently dominant. You expect consistent dominance from players of their caliber.

IU has proven that they are not a top 10 team. They have defeated one quality opponent – Southern Illinois – and this is a down year for the Salukis. Hopefully the team will continue to mature and gain some toughness before the Big 10  and NCAA Tournaments.

Terry Hutchens has written an accurate and articulate article on IU’s season thus far. If you’re interested in my beloved Hoosiers click here.


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