European Court Chides the French

I was surprised by this report from the BBC today…

France chided over gay adoption The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that France discriminated against a lesbian nursery school teacher by refusing to let her adopt a child.

I was surprised that judicial bodies exist which are more liberal than those in France. My astonishment, I must admit, is borne out of an ignorance of French court rulings and procedures. I neither follow or know how French courts actually rule on any case. I assume that France is far to the left of the United States; as scary as that thought is. That assumption is a fair one.

By a 10 – 7 vote the European court ruled that the lesbian’s…

right to family life under the European Convention on Human Rights had been infringed

France was directed to pay damages – $14, 522 (10,000 Euros) and costs $21, 062 (14,528 euros). According to the BBC report, the European court…

criticised the French judiciary’s emphasis on “the lack of a paternal referent in the household”

Everyone knows that a father is not necessary for the healthy nurture and rearing of a child!

Seriously, I’m not sure what leaves me scratching my head the most.

  1. The fact that France can actually be conservative on some issues.
  2. The fact that France has abrogated its sovereignty to a European court system.
  3. The fact that this court finds the assertion that a “paternal referent”in a household is not necessary for the raising of children.
  4. The fact that the US economy is in the toilet. (That $ to euro exchange rate is awful!)


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