Typical Krap…er…I Mean Kravitz

Tony Dungy is a hypocrite. At least Indianapolis Star sports columnist Bob Kravitz thinks he is. As everyone who follows sports is well aware, Tony Dungy has spent the past week deciding whether or not he would return for a seventh season as coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The waiting is over, and Dungy has decided to lead the Colts in 2008. According to Bob Kravitz that decision clearly indicates Dungy’s hypocrisy. Kravitz writes:

I think that by returning to the Colts, and doing so after his entire family moved out of Indianapolis and back to Tampa, Fla., for reasons he prefers remain private, Dungy has revealed himself as something of a hypocrite.
Tony Dungy is a man who has earned universal respect from all quarters during his professional career. I do not personally know the man, but I have read about him, read his book Quiet Strength, and I do personally know people who have been impacted by this man of faith and integrity. Kravitz is much more aware of Dungy’s integrity than I, because he is in a position to observe and interact with Dungy. In spite of six years of close contact with Dungy, Kravitz still believes that this one decision provides enough ammunition to label the man a hypocrite.
Kravitz continues:

Again, I’m uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable about passing judgment on anybody or anything deeper than a decision to punt on fourth-and-2. I’m especially loath to pass judgment on the way another man handles his personal business. But…
…I’m going to anyway. That’s not what he said, but just what he did.
Evidently Kravitz is much more comfortable calling Dungy a hypocrite than he would have us believe. Kravtiz could have easily written a column in which he expressed his confusion of Dungy’s decision, and he could have done so without impugning the man’s character. I’ll admit that I would not want to live in separate cities from Dianna and the boys, but I also don’t know what’s like to commute back and forth on the Irsay private jet. Here is what I do know: Dungy has earned the benefit of the doubt.
Dungy has also earned more respect that Kravitz has given. Before the start of the 2006 season Kravitz wrote that Dungy should be securely strapped into the hot seat; that is the Colts failed to win the Super Bowl he should be fired. He also predicted that Dungy’s book – Quiet Strength – would be a flop. And he prophesied that Dungy would retire after his son’s suicide.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
Kravitz’ article was a hatchet job.  Read this article by ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli or this article by AP sports writer Michael Marot for a less falacious commentary on Dungy’s decision.

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2 Responses to Typical Krap…er…I Mean Kravitz

  1. PantsB says:

    When Coach Dungy puts himself forward as some kind of role model Dad, and then chooses to live apart from his children, he deserves this criticism. If one is the biggest spokesman for “All Pro Dads” and one’s bio from that organization said

    Tony Dungy says that being a father is his most important job. And just like his football career, being a dad is a job that keeps him very busy. Coach Dungy and his wife Lauren have five children.

    Coach Dungy’s fatherhood role model is his own dad, Wilber Dungy. Tony grew up in Michigan, and says his father was always there to support him and encourage him. From him, Tony says, he learned that being a good father takes commitment and compassion.

    Since his work schedule keeps him on the go, Coach Dungy tries to spend extra time with his children whenever he can. When his schedule permits, he takes the children to school and picks them up, making the most of that one-on-one time. Coach Dungy also has his sons join him on the sidelines during football games, so he can share his work experiences with them.

    one should make sure one can do the bare minimum of what most fathers manage. If you’ve read “Quiet Strength” you might know that the inside cover heralds Dungy as a “modern-day hero” because he puts his family ahead of his job. People and God both dislike it when a celebrity/athlete is praised up and down and makes a good deal of money telling people how to pull the mote out of their eyes while ignoring their own eye-beam.

  2. Travis says:

    Hey, don’t get your pants all in a bunch!

    So Dungy is not a positive role model? I guess Dungy has said that fathers’ cannot ever leave their children’s side. Honestly, your probelm, along with Kravtitz’, is not that Dungy is a poor role model. No sane person could think that. Your problem is that he has the audacity to “preach” about being a good and Godly father.

    Has Dungy ever praised himself? Are you saying that Dungy has extorted huge amounts of money by being a phony? Has he ever displayed, to your knowledge, arrogant, greedy attitudes so closely associated with many athletes/coaches?

    This attitude towards this man is truly amazing. Sure you can question his decision. That is legitmate, but he has done nothing – nothing – to deserve being labeled a hypocrite.

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