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I know.

I have not posted anything since the middle of December. There are times when i just am unable to devote time to the blogosphere; at least to writing in the blogosphere. Honestly, right now is also such a time, but I need to post something. After all, it’s January 17.

This brief post will provide some supplemental support as to why I endorse Mike Huckabee. Philip duBarry, my good friend, fellow blogger, and brother in the faith, has repeatedly written at his blog – Doses of Huckabee Criticism…er…I mean Doses of Realitythat Huckabee is a pro-life liberal. (You may be thinking, “Isn’t that what Fred Thompson has been saying?” The answer is yes, and Philip – being a Tennessean – is a Fred Head.) Philip cannot fathom why

perfectly normal people, people who I respect and admire, be suddenly ditching their core conservative principles (or what I thought were their core conservative principles) to support a silver-tongued populist

As if only the abnormal should endorse Mike Huckabee. That post addresses Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of Huckabee’s conservative credentials. Of course, that only solidifies my support for Huck. I am never one to publicly admit that I agree with Rush, Coulter, Hannity, or Cunningham (those not from the Cincinnati area are asking “Who?”). Those four and their many clones are annoying, egomaniacal talking heads. It’s embarrassing that there are so many of their ilk who are conservatives. When I initially agree with their positions I always take a hard second and third look.

Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost responded to the Rush rant, and you can read it here. You will also find a host of posts that defend Huckabee’s conservative status. This is the first of the supplemental supports that I mentioned.

The second comes from one of my favorite preachers – Hershael York. I have never met Dr. York, but I have listened to him preach via the SBTS website, and I read his blog. He posts more sporadically than do I, but he did post twice yesterday; both had a political bent. Dr. York was a guest on NPR’s program Tell Me More and in that piece he announced his support of Mike Huckabee and gave solid reasons why. Reasons which I share as well. Follow this link to listen to the NPR segment. (I am an NPR listener as opposed to Limbaugh, Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, etc.)

Please read and listen to the linked material if you want to engage in any dialogue. I will quickly comment on a couple of questions and answers from the NPR piece.

The host, Michel Martin, asked Dr. York “When did low taxes become an evangelical issue? Why theologically has that been an evangelical issue?” (beginning at 4:42 of the interview) I believe that is a fair question, and I really appreciate how Dr. York answered. He said that if you begin with a “pro-family outlook…a family needs what it earns in order to make it…you will want to protect that family’s capital”. That is true, but his answer only gets better. He said, “The issue [to me] is not how much taxes we pay but what are our taxes going to accomplish?” Taxes are not going away; regardless of who is in the White House. How many billions of dollars has Republican President Bush spent?
I loathe taxes, but I appreciate (most) of the services that my tax dollars fund. I understand that taxes will ever and always be a part of my existence, but I would rather have those tax dollars used in an intelligent and meaningful manner.
There is much more than can, and perhaps will be, said on this topic, but I have used all the time that I’ve allotted myself this morning.
Go ahead and read/listen to the linked material. It’ll do you good.

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