Under Construction

I rarely agree with Indianapolis Star sports columnist Bob Kravitz, but today’s column is right on target. “This IU team remains under construction” is an accurate description of the ’07-’08 IU squad. This team is loaded with talent, but most of it is young, raw, and mostly under 6’8″. The Hoosiers narrowly defeated a bad Georgia Tech team at home last night in the annual ACC beat down on the Big Ten (Otherwise know as the ACC/Big Ten challenge, but it’s not much of a challenge for the ACC. They have won the Commissioner’s Cup 8 of 8 times, and they already have the ninth sewn up. The Big Ten should challenge the MAC or the CAC – or the SEC – if they want to win some hardware.) Had this game been in Atlanta, the Hoosiers very well may have suffered their second humiliating defeat in a row.

Yes, I said their second humiliating defeat in a row because the Hoosiers were dismantled on Saturday evening by the plucky (that’s lucky with a “p”) Jesuits of Cincinnati. The Xavier Musketeers are loaded with upperclassmen, indicative of a mid-level conference unable to recruit top talent. They compensate for their dearth of talent by playing, smart, disciplined, and tough basketball. Last Saturday night the Jesuits of Xavier out-played, out-hustled, out-smarted, out-toughed, and out-coached my beloved Hoosiers. IU earned the 80-65 spanking they received.

IU is still a team under construction. They were an overrated #8, and they are still overrated at #15. They have a tough match-up this Saturday in Carbondale, IL against the Southern Illinois Salukis. The way IU is playing right now, they may well lose this road game. IU neutered the Salukis last year by ten points – 57-47, but that game was played at Assembly Hall.

Until this talented IU squad learns to play as a team, they will continue to struggle against teams they should annihilate. It is unfortunate, however, that some people – such as this man – enjoy an IU defeat. Some people are so envious of the IU program, that they root for IU to lose no matter who they play. That is just shameful!

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