It’s Good to Be Back

My beloved Indiana Hoosiers are, for the first time in a long time, in the top echelon of the preseason polls. I know that preseason polls in college athletics don’t always mean much. This college football season provides ample proof of that. Still, it’s nice to be listed as a top tier team at the season’s outset. The Hoosier have been on the outside looking in for over a decade. It feels good to be back near the top.

The reason for the preseason accolades is the talent. This year’s squad is perhaps the most talented team since the Calbert Cheaney days. Senior DJ White and freshman Eric Gordon are the headline names to a cast of characters that can simply hoop it up. Armon Bassett, AJ Ratliff, DeAndre Thomas, JaMarcus Ellis, and Jordan Crawford will complement and augment White and Gordon nicely. The only downside to this season is the dark cloud of rules violations which second year coach Kelvin Sampson has created. The university has imposed sanctions on the program already, but the NCAA will hand own a punishment as well. I hope that does not include a ban onpost season play!

As for being ranked near the top, here is the list of publications that predict a strong Indiana squad in the ’07-’08 season:


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