I’m Not Kidding!

Stephen A. Colbert has declared in recent weeks his candidacy for President of the United State. Evidently, he is the choice of 2% of Democrats; that is the statistic according to this New York Post report.

The faux anchorman/presidential candidate is creating publicity for his newly released book I Am America (And You can Too), but his comedy act may hit a snag with the federal government.

I love comedy, but I do not appreciate Colbert’s farcical run. I do think it’s hilarious (in a scary kind of way) that 2% of Democrats are in favor of a Colbert candidacy. Of course, I’m sure they would just state they know how to take a joke and play along with one. Now that I think about it, most of this election’s candidates – GOP and Dem – are jokes!


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Happily married. Blessed to raise three young men. Associate pastor of Rodgers Baptist Church.
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