Get Off the Phone!

Kelvin Sampson, head coach of my beloved Indiana Hoosiers, is in trouble. Again. IU hired this man with full knowledge that he had violated NCAA regulations on phone calls to recruits while coaching Oklahoma. After being disciplined by the NCAA Coach Sampson has not learned his lesson.

Today’s reports that IU coaches made more than 100 potentially impermissible phone calls to recruits, not just the 35 that school officials initially disclosed. Sampson was on probation, and he clearly violated the terms of his probation. IU has levied a stiff in-house penalty on Coach Verizon, but the program will surely receive additional discipline from the NCAA, and until the NCAA acts, “Phonegate II” will follow the team around like a dark cloud.

On the cusp of what could be the greatest IU basketball season since 2002, when IU defeated Sampson’s Oklahoma in the Final Four, Sampson and his coaching staff off shot the program in the foot.

It also does not help Coach Sampson’s image that he is recruiting alleged drug dealers from Kentucky.
Should Sampson be let go? IU legend (and Bob Knight apologist) Kent Benson seems to be in favor of Sampson’s release. Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz believes that the university (his alma mater) has a moral obligation to fire Sampson, and then send AD Rick Greenspan out the door as well.
I just wish that someone would take his phone away.

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