Immigration Bill

I agree with Lou Dobbs assessment on the immigration bill that the President is intent on ramming through the Congress. Dobbs’ opening paragraph to his commentary “Give it a Rest, Mr. President:

NEW YORK (CNN) — President Bush is building his legacy, adding another unfortunate line of hollow bravado to his rhetorical repertoire. To “Mission accomplished,” “Bring it on,” “Wanted: Dead or alive,” and of course, “I earned … political capital, and now I intend to spend it,” he has added “I’ll see you at the bill signing,” referring to his own ill-considered push for so-called comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

The entire column may be read by clicking here.

The White House’s view, not of Dobb’s article, but of the “bipartisan immigration” bill is also linked here.

I have also provided the link to conservative activist and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly’s thoughts on the immigration bill.


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