Giuliani Jokes

Enjoy these jokes at Giuliani’s expense. (Note: posting these jokes does not mean that I am for or against Giuliani. I just think the jokes are funny; especially considering the recent admission by Judith Giuliani.)

Here is some Jay Leno material:

“We’re now finding out where all the candidates met their spouses. Barack Obama met his wife at a law firm. John McCain met his wife at a Naval officers’ dance. And Rudy Giuliani met his third wife when he was cheating on his first wife with his second wife.”…
“In an interview, Rudy Giuliani’s wife admitted that Rudy Giuliani is not her second husband, but actually her third husband. She forgot about her first husband. But Rudy understands, when they started dating, he forgot he had a wife too.”…
“Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said today that the toughest part about getting married to his current wife was finding a wedding song that they both haven’t used before.”…
“Rudy Giuliani has defended Newt Gingrich, saying it’s okay Newt had an affair and that no one is perfect. That’s when you know the Republicans are in trouble — when a guy with three marriages and an affair is defending the guy with three marriages and two affairs, so they can team up and beat a Clinton.”…

Now for you David Letterman fans…

“While you folks were applauding, Mrs. Giuliani remembered another marriage.”…
“You all excited about the 2008 presidential election? There’s some interesting potential matchups. For example, Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. … On the one hand, you have a pushy New Yorker with a history marital problems. Or, you have a pushy New Yorker with a history marital problems.”

(HT: Political Humor)


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