Creation Museum to Open Soon

The Answers in Genesis creation museum is scheduled to open on Memorial Day. You can read a Lexington Herald-Leader article about the museum here.

The AiG museum is located in Petersburg, KY, just across the Ohio river from Aurora, IN – my hometown. I ministered for 7 1/2 years at the Dearborn Baptist church, also located in Aurora. In 2005 AiG offered a luncheon for local pastors, and I was fortunate enough to have attended. Along with lunch we were given a tour of the unfinished museum. I was impressed, not only with their service to pastors that day, but with the top quality product of the museum itself. Later in 2005 Dearborn hosted a Bible conference and AiG generously agreed to provide a tour and a bag full of free materials to all the pastors and missionaries in attendance.

I am eager to take my family to No. KY to visit this museum. And it is a museum and not a theme park as Michael Zimmerman has derisively suggested. Zimmerman is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Biology at Butler University, he is also the founder of the Clergy Letter Project which is the sponsor of Evolution Sunday. Zimmerman has described Evolution Sunday as an…

event designed to provide an opportunity for congregations around the world to discuss the compatibility of religion and science, to investigate why religion and modern science need not be at war with one another. The event is designed to demonstrate that those shrill fundamentalist voices that assert that people must choose between religion and science are simply incorrect, that they are presenting a false dichotomy, that no such choice needs to be made. Indeed, one of the purposes of Evolution Sunday is to help elevate the nature of the debate on this topic from those who simply shout, “Accept evolution and you’ll go to hell.” Finally, one of the purposes of Evolution Sunday is to bring attention to the Clergy Letter, a letter signed by more than 10,500 Christian clergy members. This letter makes it clear that thousands upon thousands of Christian clergy members have no problem embracing their faith as well as evolution.

There may be thousands of “clergy members” who have no problem embracing faith as well as evolution, but I guarantee you they have a problem with the scriptures. If the first eleven chapters of Genesis aren’t true who is to say that any of the Bible is literally true?

That is just the point. Most “Christians” who hold to an evolutionary origin of species do not hold to a literal interpretation of scripture. If the Bible is not literally true then what “faith” is there to embrace?

I’m thankful for the apologetics work which AiG does so well. Visit their website, take advantage of their resources, and make plans to visit the Creation Museum.


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Christ follower. Husband of one woman. Father of three young men. Former 11B. Blessed to pastor the Bible Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, KY.
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6 Responses to Creation Museum to Open Soon

  1. Ray says:

    Travis,Aaron, my son-in-law works security there part-time and his mother Kathy works there full-time! Small world! Her and Wilbert were one of the first employees.

  2. Fresh Dirt says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with some of that last part. Now I am not claiming an evolutionary origin of species (for my part I disagree with it because of its philosophical ideas of survival of the fittest and the incongruency of such an idea with the gospel); however, I also do not believe Genesis 1 seeks to describe the science of creation. Literally, Genesis 1 is in poetic form– an amazing and beautiful expressioin of the relationship between artist and masterpiece. God’s Word (literally in Genesis 1) is substance itself– a core and foundational belief of the Hebrew view of the power of Yahweh. Genesis 2 then gives a narrative account. As I have listened to evolutionists and creationist over the years, I find them both failing to do good science or good theology. Of course, just my opinion.

  3. Travis says:

    Justin,I’m not claiming that Genesis 1 & 2 are science textbooks. But I do believe that 6 days mean just that – 6 days. And most often when “days” are interpreted as geological epochs instead of days, it is because the interpreter is trying to align scripture with current scientific theory. I believe we must begin with scripture; all scientific interpretations and philosophies must emanate and align with it.

  4. Fresh Dirt says:

    I know that you are not claiming Genesis 1 & 2 as science textbooks. Indeed, the 6 days in Genesis 1 are just that– 6 separate days leading to the culmination in Sabbath– the resting of God from his work– completion/perfection. Just as God has a rhythm, so also does creation itself– its built into the DNA. And you are right, those who make days out to be geological epochs are trying to make the Bible fit scientific theory. I also think this about the creation institute as well. They take Scripture and then go out searching for scientific stuff that makes it fit all nice and neat. Different sides with the same problem. We must allow theology to speak into our lives, we must allow Genesis 1 to create in us a new world rather than trying to find facts and foundations to support argumentative theories.My issue was not with you or your thoughts, but with those of the evolutionists and the creationists– both try to take the mystery away. They both try to explain something that is overwhelming and beyond… and in so doing wreck the beauty and truth of Scripture. They try to explain something that Scripture does not seek or attempt to explain. The person of faith must not only stay true to the words of scripture but also the methods of scripture. God cannot be explained. His creative act cannot be explained– indeed it is ex nihilo– out of nothing! Indeed… utter mystery, and that’s the beauty and truth.

  5. Travis says:

    OK, now I understand with which “last part” you respectfully disagreed. I should have confirmed that earlier. I’m also stunned and struck dumb by the unfathomable works of our God. I cannot even comprehend ex nihilo, let alone adequately explain how God created our world and us out of nothing; literally speaking matter into existence.I do, however, still believe that most creation groups – AiG in particular, as well as Pat Briney’s campus ministry in Fayetteville – do a good job in refuting the error of evolution.

  6. Philip says:

    The Creation Museum is AMAZING! I wrote a little review of it at my new blog, Doses of Reality.

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