March Madness

The Madness has begun and I am surprised with the seeding that IU was given. The 7th seed is higher than I expected and they deserved. Don’t despair IUFan; this is the year to draw Gonzaga. The team has beaten UNC, but they have also been beaten by Santa Clara. They have been almost as inconsistent as IU. The Hoosiers should win this game, but they should have beaten Illinois on Friday night.

The game will be played in Sacramento, and the Zags will obviously have the home-court advantage. Since IU is totally inept away from Assembly Hall I don’t give them much of a chance to win this game. I do think they have the talent to beat Gonzaga. Right now it’s painful to watch IU on offense. If DJ White dominates and the threes go down then IU has a legitimate shot at not only beating Gonzaga but at upsetting UCLA…

…Now that I’m no longer day-dreaming I’ll give you my picks for the local teams and the Final Four. IU, Butler, and Purdue will all fall in the first round. Notre Dame, the fourth Indiana school in this tournament, will beat Winthrop but this should be a good game.

My Final Four is Florida vs. UCLA and North Carolina vs. Ohio State; with a rematch of the Gators and the Buckeyes playing for the title. Now that Oden is playing with both hands Florida will not have their way with them as they did earlier in the season. Oden will bring a title to Columbus and then announce his intention to enter the NBA draft.


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