Will Indiana be Dancing in March?

 IU defeated the Gophers of Minnesota last night. The game was closer than it should have been (71-59 doesn’t tell the whole story), but it was still a win. Of course the team won; the game was played in Assembly Hall. The Hoosiers have posted an impressive 14-0 record in Bloomington. Too bad they’ve only won two road games: at Penn State and at IUPUI.

That leads me to ask this question: Will my beloved Hoosiers be invited to the March Madness Dance? Ryan Gunterman of the Hoosier Fan blog has argued this question as well, if not better, than I could; so I’ll just link his post.

Until last week I thought the Hoosiers were a lock. I’m not so sure anymore. The Big 10 is horrible. I don’t see this league receiving more four invitations to the tournament, and four is excessive. IU’s abysmal road record practically nullifies their pristine home record. Penn State, the worst team in the worst major conference, is the only notch on IU’s road belt. There is virtually no chance that Samspon’s crew will beat Michigan State in East Lansing on Saturday night. So, will the selection committee choose a team that has only one conference road win? If we were talking about the ACC, then maybe.

IU still has a legitimate shot at dancing come March, but even if they make the tournament what can we expect?

Unless the games are played in Assembly Hall; not much.

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2 Responses to Will Indiana be Dancing in March?

  1. Sharper Irony says:

    You are probably right about Indiana. What a shame… will we ever get over losing Bob Knight?

    Nice to see a fellow Hoosier fan in the blog world.

    My name shows up as “Sharper Irony”, but that’s for Dave Mallinak (incognito).

  2. Travis says:


    I think Sampson will steer the ship in the right direction. Although, the way this team plays on the road there isn’t much difference between this year’s squad and the Mike Davis lead teams.

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