Arroyo’s Extension

Wayne Krivsky and Bob Castellini are two reasons why I have hope that the Reds will actually compete for the NL pennant, not just this year, but year after year. Castellini is an owner with the single minded focus to win, but more importantly, he has an eye for talent. That was evident when he quickly fired Dan O’Brien as the Reds GM and replaced him with Wayne Krivsky; who should have been hired three years ago. One of the first moves that Krivsky made as GM was trading Wily Mo Pena for Bronson Arroyo.

The Red’s needed pitching. They were overstocked on hulking young men who could hit the ball 500′, only occasionaly catch the ball, and strike out every three at-bats (Adam Dunn; Wily Mo Pena). While every previous GM was waiting for Pena to become the next Sammy Sosa, sans the corked bat and steriods, the pitching staff became the worst in the League. Krivsky directly and decisvely dealt Pena away for a much needed starter who would pitch a lot of innings (his 240 innings led the NL) and win a lot of games.Krivsky has now locked Arroyo up until 2010 with a club option for 2011; the same length of time as Harang’s contract.

The top of the Reds’ rotation for the next four years has been established. Now if Krivsky could just figure out a way to keep Griffey healthy…


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